Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The big hoo-ha about the Malaysian sex bloggers

According to stomp:

Malaysian sex blogger couple Alvivi are apparently on the verge of going their seperate ways according to a post on their facebook page.
On Wednesday (Jan 1), a post was uploaded on Alvivi's -- which is an abbreviation of their names, Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee -- page which read: "Alvivi is...going to split soon. Thanks for following us, but this is the end. #ThatsIt".
The pair rose to infamy after a blog containing entries about their sexual exploits was revealed. They are also currently facing trial in Malaysia over an offensive Ramadan greeting.
According to news reports, their relationship has been said to be non the rocks after Tan, 25, found out that Lee, 24, had cheated on him with another man.
He had reportedly said than that he was ready to call time on their relationship "because this had been happening again and again and again", reported The Star.
"Even 'non-exclusivity' has degrees. If hanky-panky happened, disclosure is necessary," Tan added.
He went on to upload a photography of a man, who was implied by him to be the other guy in their relationship, before he posted a photo of himself with a woman named Jane Tai, whom he labelled "amazing", which came with the caption: "Replacement found".
He took to his personal facebook page to deny that he and Lee were ever romantically involved.
"Vivian Lee is not my girlfriend. I'm not sure where that comes from. Sure, we're close and all but we haven't ever been exclusive to each other, even until now," he wrote.
But it seems Lee is trying to mend the relationship after apologising to Tan on her facebook page.
"I am very sorry for hurting you, betraying your trust and letting you down. Yes, I admit that I may not be sexually exclusive to you (and I'm willing to change that) but I'm emotionally exclusive to you.
"Please forgive me and give me a chance to make it up to you."
She later added in a follow-up comment to the post that Tan had cheated on her as well "during the exclusivity period" and that he was a hypocrite for "trying to play the moral card" in this situation.
In the latest post on the Alvivi facebook page dated on Sunday (Jan 5), Alvin retracted his comment about Tai, saying that the picture he posted was from a group dinner outing, and that "there is nothing between us at all and will never be".

As a very kaypoh Singaporean, yes I am very interested in all these kaypoh news. I even stumbled upon one of their videos (something along the line of playaacting and the girl tried to fight him off and failed). I thought that it was quite fake anyway. 

They are acting like kids. Just because one hurts the other, the other retaliates by doing something horrible. What's all this nonsense by not sexually exclusive to each other? Sorry for having a traditional mindset but I thought that if the two people are in a relationship, they are automatically considered to be sexually exclusive? Then again, partners always cheat on each other so why should they be so upset about it? Especially since they are so sexually active afterall (swinging around like nobody's business)

And best of all, they tried dragging others into their saga too. I really pity their "affairs" partners. Maybe the media will dig more and photos might even appear on the net. Then ho-seh liao!

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