Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Review: Triniti Hotel Batam 25-26th Jan 2014

I'm officially sick of Batam. Lol.

This time round, we tried Triniti Hotel which is near Nagoya Mall. It is located two streets behind The Spa Secret. There is a Futsal court situated just in front of the hotel, and it is located in a very quiet neighbourhood.

When we reached the hotel, we were quite taken aback by the ulu-ness of it. And it didn't look impressive to us. It looks like a rundown hotel, where construction is unfinished. And the ulu location didn't help much. There was no sign saying that it is Triniti Hotel, but the Triniti spa has a big signboard with no one in sight.

I saw the reviews online saying that it was a very dark walk from Nagoya Mall back to the hotel at night, and I agree with it. There is this stretch of road which is unlit at night, so it was quite scary if you are intending to watch a late night movie before heading back to the hotel.

It was also one of the rare times that I saw PL pissed at the staff. The receptionist checked us in, and gave us Room 307, and after we have put down our stuff, a male staff knocked on our door and told us that the receptionist has given us the wrong room. He used the telephone in our room while we sat there waiting for the instructions if we should move out of the room. It was just so damn awkward. PL gave a disgusted face as he complained that the staff should have better coordination.

We paid the hotel at USD3.64 via credit card and a further 454,500 rupiah upon checkout. They actually chased us for the payment via phone during our stay but PL only paid them when we checked out.

The room has very basic amenities, and some stains can be found on the bed sheets. There is no shower curtains in the bathroom either. The room is really for business use, as there is only one set of toiletries found in the room, and it feels very budget.

The breakfast is not up to standard either. There was a limited selection of food, and looking at the guests in the hotel, we were the only Chinese around.

The hotel looks quite eerie and empty too, even on a weekend when it is supposed to be busy.

By the way, we paid for a taxi 50,000 rupiah one way. I think it can be further bargained down but be prepared for long looks by the taxi driver =P

Verdict: We will not go back to the hotel again. The experience is not horrible but it just didn't feel right for me.

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