Monday, October 28, 2013

Singapore Halloween 2013 - The Clementi Incident at Clementi CC

The one day Halloween event at Clementi CC was organised by Clementi CC Youth Executive Committee.
Manpower was headed by New Town Secondary Basketball students.

There were two haunted trails in the CC, each with a different theme. The red route is a haunted village trail, where the dead arises and follows you around. The blue route was not as scary, and you get to sit with a singing doll which will beckon for you to sing with her.

Preparations for the event was done half a year ago, since the students had to prepare their props early (supposedly). We ended up getting most of the props a day before as we realised that the students only managed to get a bit of the props which were not enough to scare them.

The setting up of the whole place was very hard, since there were still ongoing courses and we couldn't touch the room till they ended. The few of us stayed till around 2am just to set up the stuff the night before the event.

On the day of the event, there was also PCF graduation so the the hall and some of the rooms were used up. Argh. They were so demanding about everything. Luckily Jiahao was there so that we managed to function as normal.

We hired Shella Goh's Make Up, and these are the photos that were taken.
They are very professionally done! I would recommend them to those who need to hire makeup artists. Since there were some students who dropped out, they changed the simple make up to elaborate ones for us! It was a very good deal, especially since we managed to draw the attention of the people around us when I went to buy dinner for the volunteers. (I met a Jehovah Witness because of it, but that is another story)

I looked quite horrible here @@

The sales were good and the queue was never ending. We closed shop at 10.30pm for the registration but the queue lasted till 11pm.

The clean up was crazy. We spent the whole day scrubbing the toilet and the floor of the rooms. We should hire an event company next time. @@

But it was fun, and I'm glad that I brought up the idea of Halloween in the CC.

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  1. Hi Jieyi, Shella here. Accidentally saw your post in your blogspot. Thanks a lot for the good compliments!