Thursday, October 31, 2013

ROM preparation

After dilly-dallying for so long, we have finally decided to sit down and compile the stuff that we need to do for the ROM preparation.

Venue - Chevrons 
Rental of equipment - pending
Booking of Justice of Peace - Called. Pending
Buying of wedding favors - pending
Ordering of food - pending
Invitation of guests - pending
Attire - almost done. Have to double confirm with Xinyi.
Guestbook for guests - Not done at all. LOL.
Ang Pao Box - Not done
Photographer - Not asked
Wedding bands - Not bought
Sound system - Do we need one?

Helpers for the ROM:

Photographer: ??
Overall I/C: Weiping? =P
Emcee: Wendy :)
Guestlist: Yuxi/???
Angbow: MJ/???
Runner: Jacqueline?
Bride's helper: ???

We are erm.. less than 50% done? @@
This is crazy.

120 days.


  1. May I know what is a runner's job?


  2. lol! Just settle last min issue? Jac! which role u want? =P

  3. Ahahaha, I see. Don't have any role in mind. Just let me know if you need any help.