Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review: Xcape Singapore - Whisper of the dead

We were the first to go into the room, as we booked the earliest slot. The six of us were in a stoned mode, since we slept very late the previous night at the chalet, and almost everyone was angsty.

We were first led to a room filled with European paintings, and they contain the clues for us to unlock the next door. Then, it opened up to another corridor, where we had to solve another directional lock to reveal yet another door, with alphabets lock. I love the layout of the room, btw.

The last room was the creepiest of all. Muhahaha. But I got to admit,they are good. The clues are actually well-used and we spent quite a bit of time fiddling with the lock even though we got the correct combination. Super sad. I guess we would be the first to die if we really need to get out of somewhere.

Being with different groups of friends playing the same kind of escape games made me realised that the people that you are playing with are very important. And you should get a good night sleep before going. Haha.

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