Thursday, October 24, 2013

Review: Sacrifice by Laura J. Burns and Melinda Metz

I have been waiting to read this!

This is the sequel of Crave, which I have read some time back. I did a review here.

The mystery of Shay's long illness has finally been solved: She is half vampire, and her body would fail without Gabriel's blood. There is only one place he believes she would be safe - with his vampire family. But when he brings her to them, Gabriel is shocked to find that they consider Shay to be an abomination not belonging in either world, humans or vampire. According to Gabriel's family, Shay should be left to die.
Now Gabriel must make the most difficult decision of his long life: defy the people's closest to him or save the life of his beloved.

The plot is predictable. I mean, who would think that Gabriel would choose his family over Shay? There will be no story to speak of then. However, there is an interesting twist when Shay's mum revealed that Ernest actually got Gret pregnant when she was a human, which was why she killed herself.

As usual, YA fiction reeks of love and the idea of staying with each other till death do us apart. This book is no different. And there is also a crazy guy who wants to do research about live vampires to the extent that he is willing to kidnap them!

I would recommend that only vampire lovers read this book because there is nothing spectacular about it.

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