Friday, October 18, 2013

Review: Kam Long Restaurant (Curry Fishhead at JB) - 17/10/2013

The first thing I saw when I was nearing this place was the long queue (at 10am in the morning!)
We had to wait in the queue for around 15 mins before we got a seat. We were very lucky as the queue got much longer after we sat down.

My mum complained that they put more curry powder this time round. My mum is a staunch non-believer of curry powder, so she was quite upset about it. Apparently the last time she came, there wasn't as much curry powder added.

The food was cheap. Our medium size pot of curry goes for RM30.

The prices as per below:
Small: RM 19
Medium: RM30
Large: RM38

The portion is quite small (according to my mum's friend as she literally almost finished the curry by herself)
but for me, non-spicy eater, I find that it is more than enough. Haha. Spicy stuff makes me eat lesser as I am always "spiced" by the chili.

Even though the closing time is stated at 4.30pm, go before 3pm as it is usually sold out around then.
Don't be my kuku friends and I, who tried to eat it for an early dinner and went away disappointed.

I think it's better to go on weekdays as there are less people. :D
Weekend crowds are scary >.<

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