Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review: Crave by Melinda Metz & Laura J. Burns

It's a reverse vampire book. I was caught by its synopsis, since I have this fetish for blood and it hits the mark.

The story is about this girl, Shay, who is always the 'Sick Girl' in school. She even terms herself as the 'Sick Girl' which is so depressing but true. It's a realistic portrayal of a sick girl in school wanting to be normal but that is where all the realistic parts end.

Here comes the interesting part. Her stepfather is a doctor who vows to find a cure for her, giving up his initial research on leukemia to concentrate all his attention on her. It's a little freaky if you think about it. A guy marrying the mother of his patient so that he can better focus on her? That aside, Shay thinks that he is a good stepfather and she only had good words for him, that is, until she discovers his secret.

She has been undergoing blood transfusion regularly; albeit a bit more frequently after she started on an alternative blood transfusion treatment which makes her hallucinate and have weird dreams about this guy Gabriel.

Turns out that the Gabriel guy is real and he is a vampire and the blood that she had been getting recently are from him. See, that's all the bloody stuff are. She later realised that her dad and Gabriel had known each other, and things totally changed from there.

One thing not so good about the story is that towards the end, it progresses a little too fast and it is mind-torturing. If the pace was a little slower, I would have enjoyed it more, but there is something good that comes out of it - the cliffhanger for the 2nd book. I must say that the author has really done a good job if she really wants the reader to wait for the next book, since she got me hooked.

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