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Review: Xcape Singapore (Catch me if you can)

I was all up and ready to go when I heard that there is an escape game in Singapore, and it did not fail to disappoint me.

Some of the clues looked very used, but they are still readable.

Girls, there is a reason why they ask you not to wear skirts and heels for this game!

WP, Jia Hao, Wendy, PL and I did not fare too badly for it! (we managed to pass with maybe around 9-10mins to spare?) We made use of the hint though.

Was amused by Jia Hao's rampage when it was about to end.

Apparently this particular game is the easiest out of the lot, but I would still say that it is challenging enough. We took quite a fair bit of time to complete everything. I totally destroyed the whole room trying to look for the clues. HAHA.


Edited: I played Whisper of the dead and Inception and I still found this (Catch me if you can) the easiest! =D


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