Friday, January 2, 2015

Start of 2015 (and the days counting down to it)

Didn't have much time to blog recently. >.<

Christmas eve, we went to JB for a last min staycation due to family pressure. (no $$ for guessing who)

In the end, it was a blessing in disguise because my colleague gave me the doraemon exhibition tickets ;) The exhibition was good! Seriously, doraemon fans will love it to nuts =P

We also went for a 3 movie marathon over the 1 and 1/2 day while we were there - The pyramid, the hobbits and night at the museum. Reviews will follow later.

Christmas dinner was spent running around the Satay Club and trying to find seats for 11 people with the two of us (seriously? Who in their fucking right mind would let us chope so many seats?) Pardon my language but I was damned frustrated with the whole dinner. To cut the long story short, Christmas dinner with his HK relatives was a total flop.

27th Dec - his sister's wedding.

Fast forward to New Year eve, where we spent time walking in Ikea trying to find our future bed. Then we walked around Clementi (How boring can we be?) and saw Charles and chatted till 1plus.

New Year was spent singing K with Asae, WP and JH. And off to Minds Cafe at Prinsep St. and dinner at some ramen restaurant beside Isetan.

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