Monday, April 14, 2014

Our stay at 峯州小木屋, Miaoli, taiwan

I found this minsu in Miaoli and it looks damn cute!

So I went to book it online. Very sadly, everything is in Chinese and the owners don't really know English.

This minsu is actually also a place for wedding photoshoots so there are many different shooting locations all over the place!
However, this place is not accessible by public transport at all. Do remember to book a cab or rent a car/scooter for the whole duration in Miaoli as their public transport are not reliable.

PL and I quarreled a lot because of this transportation issue. The car/scooter rental place do not accept Singapore driving license so do remember to get your International driving license before heading to Taiwan.

We paid 1800TWD for this room :D It's actually a stand-alone log house.

at the swing eating breakfast

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