Wednesday, April 23, 2014

JB Trip over the Good Friday long weekend + reviews of KSL food places and Tai Son Seafood Restaurant

Double date :D

We went back to 11@Century Hotel which was ultra near KSL, and much much cheaper than KSL resorts itself. And the facilities were so much better too!

Things were not so good at first. I quarreled with PL just the night before the trip. We had agreed that he would stay over since Friday is a PH, (so he would be washing clothes on Thur night after we went to his mum's birthday dinner.) But, the MIL interfered and told him that he has to wash another pile of clothes the next day too.

Trust me, I was so fucking pissed off that I smashed my fists on the wall when I heard that news. And I whatsapped a lot of evil and mean stuff that I shall not repeat here. Mainly about him letting me go if he values his mum that much and stuff. (Btw I am still very pissed off. Every single time I think of his mum, my blood will boil. Don't expect me to cool down so soon. Okay, maybe forever.)

He came early the next morning, but I was still super unhappy. I didn't marry him to play second fiddle to his mum. He promised me that things would change. But I seriously still think that the sky will drop from the sky before things change.

Anyway, since it was WP's birthday, I didn't want to make a huge fuss and not go in the end, though I was contemplating it.

The weekend was good. (Mainly because the evil MIL is not there. I shall therefore term her the "EMIL".

We revisited Tai Son, and the food was as good as ever (but the price is similar to eating at a restaurant in Singapore I think). I really enjoyed the crab, and the others wow-ed over the clams in Chinese wine.

Chargrill at KSL sucks to the max. And they are not cheap either! It's around the same price as eating it in Singapore. And the portion is pathetic.

The prata shop opposite 11@century hotel was damn good too. It was one of the first few places that I had an official date with PL before we got together.

Of course, we spent quite a bit of time in the hotel room too :P I miss his touch and his company>.<

We also realised that the KTV place at KSL has a membership price for RM10 for a year.
And if you happen to forget to bring your card like me, you can just give your NRIC number for them to get the membership price.

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