Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ikea dinner on Sat night and Serious discussion

Went to Ikea on Sat. It has been our favourite place ever since we got together?

We finally had dinner at Ikea even though we have been there for quite a few times.

Super a lot of food for the two of us

We also managed to narrow down some stuff that we want for our house when it's ready :D

This afternoon, we finally sat down and talked about emil. Our lunch was peppered with happy talks till the topic came up, and he could tell that I didn't really want to talk about it. (or think about it even)
After my afternoon nap, we chatted again and he brought up the same topic. I agree that I am very bias against her, but I really can't stand the thought of PL being bullied by emil even though he thinks that she is not. After much discussion, I agree to try to be more gracious to her. (I am only trying hor.)

He told me that he was very willing to continue on the relationship when he brought me back to his house at first, seeing how okay I was with his family. I asked him, "Would he had continue on the relationship if I hadn't gotten along with his mum at first?" His answer was vague, saying that he would intervene at that point of time. I guessed I was a little hurt by his words. I did try to get along with them, until this marriage thing came along. For some reason, their attitude towards me changed but I didn't do anything different. It felt like I am the outsider who has snatched their son/brother away. 

I didn't advocate nor influence him to hate/dislike his family. It's just that I was stating my point of view. I don't see why clothes have to be washed more than once (handwash then washing machine.) I also don't see why his mum has to ask him to do deliveries when she could have easily done them herself. (Since she is so free anyway, if not why volunteer at CCs, and more than one too?) I don't see why he has to be the one who has to do the vacuuming of floors and such all the time when there are 3 other abled bodies in the house too. Does that mean that they don't have a share in the house too? Why are the rest going out to volunteer their time at the CCs when they have things to do at home while they throw the household chores to him? It really doesn't make sense to me. These are points that irked me. I mean, I'm fine if they are not able to do all these stuff but they are not disabled people. I really thank my lucky stars that I didn't agree to stay with him after ROM. If not, either they would be in their coffins or me in IMH. (THAT SERIOUS. I KID YOU NOT.) This has been plaguing me even in my sleep. Sometimes I wake up angry.

I don't think it will become better when his sister moves out. I really don't see how it would become better. I am very skeptical about this whole arrangement of stuff. (Sorry PL, but I don't really believe in your idealist view that things will change for the better.)

Enough ranting for now. 

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