Friday, February 14, 2014

Review: Fitness First @ Market Street

June and I went for a trial for fitness first. I need to get back in shape! I heard from my colleagues and friends that fitness first is quite good and they don't hard sell, which is good for me.

I made an appointment with Edwin, who is my consultant at 6.30pm. When we reached, we were supposed to fill in a register and it was when he suggested us to try out a power yoga class which was going to start at 6.40pm.

He brought us up to the second level and we exchanged for our workout attire. The changing room is quite big, and we don't have to squeeze even though it was after working hours. There were not too many people aka wasn't crowded. I'm super glad because I hate squeezing with people.

The yoga class only have 9 of us including us, and once the lesson started, I think I know why. Cuz the trainer pushes us hard! My neck and a bit of my body is aching today due to the yoga.

After the class, I went to shower. The place has separate shampoo for hair and body, which is good. It has a nice smell too. The complimentary lockers that are provided is also very big! Can put super a lot of things, so don't have to worry that u have to squeeze everything in and crumple your stuff. They have hangers too btw. And an ironing board. Cottonpads, cottonbuds and deodorant are also provided. Hair dryers too.  Even better than my house sia.

Then, we went to have a chat with the consultant.  I ended up signing for a 1 year package at around 1.7k. All passport access.

Hopefully I get to tone myself up and lose some weight! !

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