Sunday, February 9, 2014

Love and marriage before 28.6 years old

There are many people who expressed surprised that I'm engaged and getting married soon.
WHY? Because the national average of females with tertiary education getting married in Singapore is 28.6 years, according to Singstats. So, theoretically I am marrying too young. >.<

I don't think I'm making a mistake. I love my soon-to-be-husband, despite all the idiotic things that he does. I admit that I'm not without my flaws either. Just today, I made him upset and disappointed because I overslept (a common occurrence) But, we forgive and made up, no matter how pissed we are at each other.

Love is a funny thing. It makes you tolerate the very same things that you don't with other people. It may be mistaken for lust, or infatuation, but when you have seen the person at his very best (and worst), are you sure that is just pure lust? I'm sure cleaning up vomiting after your SO when he is drunk or sick isn't exactly what you signed up for when you fell in love or lusted after him.

Love is about giving. And they must never be measured against others. It must come from your own heart. He gave a lot, without expecting from me. Even now, he still does. He would pass me a jacket when I'm cold without me needing to tell him; he would bring an extra packet of milo in his bag just in case I got hungry etc. I give too. I let him go for guys only nights out and compromised to allow him to eat expired food and god knows what else.

Love is about being best friends to each other. For me, it just "clicked" together. When we started out as friends, I never thought that he would become something more than a friend. To me, he was someone who shares the same interest in gaming, bikes and gory stuff. (Yes, very weird I know) We made a joke out of the flying spaghetti monster that became an inside joke.

See the word "Perfect"?

Both of us would bitch about our work, and feel so much better after doing so. I admit that sometimes he would really be super workaholic about it, but it's him :)

Love is not just about the finances. I absolutely hate it when people start bringing up the cost of living as a hindrance to marriage. Marriage is about love and compromising. Would you sacrifice a few nights of entertainment per week to pay off the bills that are accumulating (think housing and necessities) instead of saying that you would save till you have a certain amount before getting married?

You can survive on both your salaries, despite whatever people say. 

There will be days where you would feel like strangling him, but when you cool down, you will automatically want to return to his side. Fights are commonplace, but it is always the make up parts which are amazing.

I just wanna say...

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