Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2 more days to ROM - epic incident

Seems like my life has taken an exciting turn recently.

My FMIL is insisting that I am not part of the family yet because we are not doing the traditional tea ceremony. PL is quite pissed because he thinks that signing that document means that we are officially together for life.

For me, I seriously don't care. What's all the big hoohaa about this traditional tea ceremony? Only crazy old folks believe in this kind of things. I don't really need her to recognise me as her DIL because I'm not looking at her money or whatever shit, even if she really have the moolah.

We have been selecting the songs. I was a little sian because I hate this kind of events yet I am being forced to do them. I think I would do better if I can hide behind somewhere and be in my own little world, but no, I have to be forced out to do entertaining. Sibei sian.

Okays, it's time to sleep and try to go for the CXWORX in the morning.

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