Monday, August 26, 2013

Simple rules for Ticket to ride (USA version)

1. Choose 3 destination cards. Keep at least 2 of them.
2. Draw 5 wagon cards.

Then, start the game.

Moves available:

Draw 2 Wagon cards
*Take note that 1 Locomotive card(wild card) = 2 wagon cards)
Claim a route
Draw another 3 destination cards (have to keep at least 1 of them every time you draw)

Rules to take note of:

The colours of the wagon cards must match the ones on the board (between a route).
I.e: 2 white spaces between 2 routes can be claimed by 2 white wagon cards. This will be considered as 1 move.

Once a route has been claimed, other players are not able to claim it anymore.
(In games with more than 3 players, some routes have double lines :D)

The game will end when there are 2 or less wagon pieces in a player's possession.
(Once the wagon pieces reaches 2 or below, everyone will play one last turn.)

Point system:
Every time a route is claimed, the player will get points according to board.
Another way to get points is to finish routes from destination cards.
Note that unfinished destination cards at the end of the game will be subjected to a penalty of points according to the card.
The player with the longest route will get a bonus 10 points at the end of the game.

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