Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review: San Lou Restaurant at JB

First visited there on 7/8/2013, 4.30pm

It was my first ever visit there and the four of us, Jeremy, WP, Asae and I took a cab down. The cab fare should be less than RM10. They like to tok you there.

We went down so early that we managed to catch a chocolate ice kacang at the opposite mini hawker centre.

We ordered their Xin Zhou Mi Fen, Salted Egg Crab, Black Pepper Crab, Butter Crayfish, Assam fish and a vege.

I was not impressed with any of the dishes, despite seeing such good reviews of them on the net.

The Xin Zhou Mi Fen is too dry for my liking, and the Mi Fen was still clumped together when we ate them.

I'm not too sure why but the salted egg crab was not very flavorful and the crab was not fresh. :(

The black pepper crab fared better but it was still average.

Butter crayfish was also not up to standard. They fried them till the meat was too dry and I had to use my chopsticks to dig the flesh out piece by piece.

The Assam fish was good! Despite me not eating spicy food. The meat was very fresh and tender, and they gave us a very big piece for RM22.

The vege was average.

I might come back to eat the fish again, but for the rest of the dish, it was quite a disappointment.

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