Monday, August 26, 2013

Review: Hei She Hui (Bosses Restaurant) at Vivocity

PL's parents brought us to this Bosses Restaurant in Vivocity for dinner. It is a Cantonese style Chinese restaurant and it's a tad too pricey for my taste. We ended up calling Set D for dinner which cost around $500 bucks in total after all the taxes?

But I must say that the food is good. We got prawns, codfish, sea cucumber in the set meal, and the quality of the food is good. The only exception is their dessert which I don't like due to the presence of the coconut milk. If not, the rest of the food are really quality stuff.

They refilled the water and tea for us without us asking. And they gave us a generous helping of vinegar and ginger when PL's mum asked for it.

The service is quite good, and the view from the restaurant is awesome! Be sure to ask for a window seat as you would be able to look towards sentosa, meaning you would be able to see the crane dance and the fireworks (if available). I think that is the premium you pay for having the ambience. Please do the reservations in advance, otherwise you won't be able to get the window seats. And I think it is a very important part of the meal. Haha. If not, why pay such a high price for it?

We ended the meal off with the ala-carte Durian Mochi. Damn awesome and yummy, and I was so full that I couldn't really walk.

I seriously ought to lose some weight after eating all these yummy stuff!

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