Monday, August 26, 2013

Review: 933 seafood lunch at Batam

The food is -.-. It was one of the worse seafood lunch that I have ever ate :( Too substandard for my taste.

FYI, I went on this Batam tour and this lunch was included. Beware of ordering coconut drink from this place as I suspect that they reuse the coconut shells. Can you imagine how unhygienic is that?!! OMG. I didn't even finish that drink. The first clue was that, even though I have not touched the coconut drink, the flesh in the coconut was scraped clean. And there was a spoon mark inside the coconut. @@ An inverted u shape, like someone had put too much strength in scraping the coconut.

The flower served to us was horrible. It tasted off, and it was one of the rare times that the crab dish is not polished off by the 10 of us at the table. Then they served us snails. @@ The only edible dish was the vegetable dish which was cleared within 2 mins it was served to the table.

I would definitely not recommend anyone to go there unless they are my enemies, (like my idiotic boss. I hope he will lao-sai there till he cannot come back to Singapore)

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