Wednesday, August 14, 2013

1st Appointment: Bluebay Wedding Review

Went to the Singapore outlet on 11 August to book the MUA and PG for our April photoshoot in Taipei.

Apparently, they have changed the location of the Taiwan outlet since they have merged with Penny Wu.

Didn't managed to book Da Xiong as he is already booked by some other people. In the end, we settled for someone else whom I can't remember the name. Must pray hard that he is a good photographer.

Service-wise, I think she was quite good. Water is promptly served when we sat down, and there was another couple who was trying out the gowns at the other side. She asked us if we have any queries after she explained to us that we have to go down to the shop again in Jan for the second appointment. She also reminded us to bring along the nu-bra, high heels, slippers for me and long sleeves for PL.

But, I was quite disappointed that we can't decide on the route first in Singapore before going down. Hopefully she will go through the gowns and more information about the Taiwan side before we actually head to Taiwan.

Updated: Our second appointment

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