Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sale of Balance Flats May 2013

The HDB website just launched its Sales of Balance Flats today!

Surprisingly, there are a few flats up from Ghim Moh Edge too.
I was looking through Clementi's list and most of the available flats are from Casa Clementi, which is not exactly the most convenient of place. But there is another one up for grab at Clementi Towers (Surprise!)
I guess no one wants that flat huh, despite the high floor.

I guess the pickings for this time round is not too bad. Even Tiong Bahru and Queenstown have very good flats up this time.

Westies for the win! ^^

(Okay lah, I admit I'm not very interested in the East/North flats. They are a bit too far from my current house for my liking.)

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