Saturday, May 25, 2013

Malacca Trip May 2013

Went with PL to Malacca. This trip is the second one this year.

There is quite a huge difference in the crowd between weekdays and weekends. There were like totally no one in the mall during weekdays, and we were wondering how the businesses survive.

We stayed at Equatorial Hotel this time round, and the experience was awesome! I had a very full breakfast, and I would say that it is better than the KSL resort that we stayed at the other time round in JB.

We went to the Portuguese settlement foe seafood dinner, and the cab ride cost us 15 ringgit one way. The cab driver was nice enough to pick us up 2 hours later despite our late timings.

Stall 1 service was bad :( Like seriously bad. The auntie seems to not want our business at all, putting on a frown for our own dinner. Damn sian. Because we were dumb enough not to bring enough money for the first night, we couldn't order the crabs as it was 68/kg and we had to order a min of 2 crabs which would have cost us around 100+, and we only brought only like 140 ringgit. Super sadded, but we managed to go there the second night.

For the second night, we tried stall no.2, and the food was not too bad. But the crab was a little small, and the food was a little oilier. But not too bad as compared to the first stall.

PL went to get the oysters and lala from another stall as the first stall did not sell them, and he was grumbling about how they do not have stingrays there.

The scenery was beautiful! And the sound of the waves were so calming.

Lunch at Breeks cafe was totally a mistake on our third day. PL kena food posioning and was vomiting in the bus. :( I hope he would get well soon.

I guess, as we go along in the journey of our relationship, we discover things about each other that we usually miss out. For PL puts my comfort on top of his personal enjoyment, and even though he does say mean stuff to me occasionally, I still feel that he cares about me, and wants to make me happy. I guess that is good enough for me.

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