Friday, December 7, 2012

Review: Life of Pi Movie

Went to watch Life of Pi with PL on Sunday before he went for his cousin's wedding.

Note: I have not read the book before I watched the movie.

I was quite surprised when I heard the Indian accent in the movie. But the accent was still bearable.
The CG effects were good, esp when they showed the night scenes.

The story started with a failed author interviewing an Indian man in his house, and the Indian man, Piscine (Pi) narrated his story to him. Piscine was one who religiously believed in God; he was a Hindu, Christian and Muslim at the same time.

One day, his family decided to leave India and went on board a ship. Ship sank, and Pi was on the lifeboat with the animals. Most importantly, a tiger. He lived together with the tiger on/near the lifeboat till one day, he finally reached shore.

The story was very touching, and it was a miracle that he could stay that long on the lifeboat without dying.

The end really struck a chord in me. Did he really lived with the tiger, or did he imagine himself as the tiger?

That was the answer that I want to find. It got me interested in the book version. But as far as I feel, the movie did a good job of summarising the story plot.

Good movie :)

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