Thursday, December 21, 2017

Korean Trial Class @ KLC (SKIS)

For those who had regularly kept themselves updated with my posts (as boring as they are), you would know that I have signed up for Korean classes. Before I went for the trial class, I tried searching online for some clues and tips about the class and there was nothing! (I thought KLC was a pretty decent school but nopes, there was not much online presence).

Anyway, so I shall blog abit about my experience at the trial class. (I went for the noob aka beginner class)

I registered via their FB link and I liked the follow up where they sent me the bus schedule, together with the pictures of the location where I am supposed to wait for the bus. It is very helpful for people like me who would have gotten lost without it.

It was a pretty awkward journey as everyone doesn't seem to know each other on the bus and it was a silent ride all the way. And the place is OMG ulu. The bus passed by so much landed property that I thought we were out in JB or something.

When we reached the school, there was someone to guide us to the hall where one of the teachers gave a presentation on the school and the perks if we sign up. The summary is as follows:

1. Scholarships are given to those who have attended KLC for a certain number of terms and have good results (not very applicable for working people like us ah. How to apply for 10 weeks leave to go Korea?)

2. TOPIK exam is held in SKIS campus. So it kind of implies that they follow a standard structure to help you pass TOPIK.

3. There is a library for KLC students (need to pay a one time membership fee of $10.xx.

They also kindly provided a soybean drink for us (which was very kind of them as I was famished, rushing there from work). Then, we went off to a classroom to have a trial lesson.

The lesson was pretty basic, where the teacher taught us how to pronounce the alphabets using different methods. (like a straw and tissue paper). I felt I was transported back to Primary school. It's kind of nostalgic after being in the workforce for a few years. I thought that the class was pretty standard, just like school. My buddy who sat next to me in class wasn't impressed though. She didn't take up the regular class in the end, saying that she wanted to try out Hanok Korean instead as it is nearer to the workplace and she felt that KLC is too school oriented for her.

The signing up of the class was pretty simple. Just fill up a form and pay. The school will inform you if there is enough people to start a class. I noticed that ALOT of people signed up for the Saturday class. My tip is: never do that. 3 hours in a session is a killer and most stuff will not go into the brain for the long term. The best way is still regular classes with less intensity. At least the materials are easier to digest.

If you are also learning korean, feel free to drop a comment or email me~

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