Friday, July 29, 2016

Review: Learning spanish with Wlingua Spanish

It has already been a dream of mine to learn Spanish but due to the astronomical cost involved in picking up Spanish at a language school ( I was looking at las lilas school), I gave up.

So, while I was randomly surfing the net, I came across this app, Wlingua Spanish, which has a 7 days free premium trial and it seems to have quite good reviews on google play. As such, I downloaded the app and started using it.

What can I say, it's awesome! I don't know how the basic plan looks like since I am still on my premium trial, but the layout of the course is really pretty good. According to the app, it covers up to B1 of the Spanish course, which equates to around 3 years of study in a language school. That's more than good enough for beginners like us.

Below is a screenshot of my progress in 4 days, and I have been spending around 4-5 hours each day on this app. It seems like I got to take a long time even before I can complete the A1 course. T.T

This app has a reward system where they will give you points accumulated to fill up a star for completing the lessons and activities correctly. They will automatically reward you with 6 hours of extra premium time each time a star is completed. I like this system a lot as it motivates me to keep working on my progress.

The app will also do spaced out repetitions, games and activities to try and retain the vocabulary learnt. It really works for me as I can remember a fair bit of them despite learning for only 4 days.
It's so much better than going to a traditional school. I also like the way where there is an audio for each vocabulary and sentence. I can repeat after it so that that I kind of know how I should be pronouncing it.

The app, of course, is not without its cons. I struggled with some reading exercises as there were no explanations for the wrong answers. I had to read the passage over and over again till I got the reason why the answer is wrong. It would have been better if they have a simple explanation in English and highlighting the portion that I am supposed to look out for.

Easy to navigate layout
reward system
progress report
small lessons format
Able to access it with a computer or phone

No explanations when my answers are wrong
App hangs when the internet is slow
Have to supplement with conversational classes as there are no corrections for wrong pronounciation of words.

All in all, I would still recommend this app for Spanish beginners with a low budget! Considering that 10 lessons in Singapore cost SGD400, this is a really cheap alternative to learn Spanish. Of course, a 7 day free cram course is also good enough if you only want to do the trial :P

I am seriously considering signing up for the premium function when the trial ends though.


  1. Hi Chiat Yee, Qi Yu here :) I haven't tried looking for Spanish classes but I did try level 1 Korean at a cc before (10 lessons, once a week about 1 hr each). It cost about $120 (before another like $20 for the photocopied notes the instructor supplied). It was not bad but it started to get too fast at the end and although we could consult the teacher, there were other students who wanted to get their money's worth. Maybe u can check the one pa website if u want face to face sessions :)

    1. Hello!! Haha yups, I saw a lot of Korean classes at the CC but sadly not Spanish :( But I will check out the onepa website! Thanks! :D

      Did you manage to continue on your Korean lessons somewhere else? I heard that the one by Singapore Korean school is quite good. And they have free shuttle buses from 2 mrt stations.