Sunday, July 24, 2016

Foods of Poland: My 5 favorite dishes (Zurek, Zapiekanka, Kompot, Lody, Cakes)

1. Zurek

This is my favourite of all times! Slightly sour yet warming at the same time, it makes for a good appetizer before one actually starts on the main dish. Except that for me, it became my main dish because I drank too much of it.

This is the red version of Zurek

White version of Zurek

You can see the meat and carrot inside. Once in a while, they would also have a hard boiled egg inside, like the one below.

See! I really love my Zurek~
2. Zapiekanka 

The name sounds long and weird but basically it's a half baguette where various toppings are put on top of the bread! It is so cheap and awesome I can't help but drool while thinking back on the memories. Think a foot long subway sandwich cut into half and the top of it being stuffed with mushrooms, cheese, meat chucks and other toppings with mayo or garlic sauce! This is a must-eat!

See how big it is compared to my face! This is 7.5 zloty (~3sgd)

A close up shot of the zapiekanka

This was my half of the zapiekanka while we were out sightseeing. The guy nicely cut it into half for PL and I for easy eating :)

3. Kompot

Okay, this is technically a drink made up of fruits. It's something like a fruits-infused drink. It's really sweet and each restaurant has their own unique recipes. It's really healthy and according to the locals, they do not add in any sweeteners because the sugar from the fruits have already made the drink sweet :)

I was amazed at seeing whole blue berries inside the kompot. Not sure about the rest, but I like the kompot where the fruits are still intact. The taste somehow seems better.

4. Lody

This is every kid's best friend! And probably adults too! We couldn't count the number of times we had ice-cream there even though it was so freaking cold.

And the ice-creams were homemade and cheap! They were all around 2.5 - 4 zloty (~1 sgd) which is like 5 times cheaper than in Singapore?

5. Cakes!!

I don't know what they are called in Polish but I do know that bakeries just litter their streets! They sell all sorts of cakes in the bakeries by weight and you can choose the cake sizes! We just used your hands and fingers to show how much we want :) And mark my words, you really want to eat them, because they are just so delicious and cheap! The ones below cost around 1SGD each!

Whiter cheesecake with raisins :)
Something like a black forest cake

Chocolate cake with cream in the middle portion

Leave your stomach empty on your flight there yeah~!

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