Thursday, June 30, 2016

School Holiday Ice Skating Camp at The Rink, Jcube

During my one week long leave, I signed up for a 4 days intensive School Holiday ice skating camp.

The total fee paid was $171.20 inclusive of skates rental and lessons. The package comes with a 4 2-hours open session immediately after the 45 mins lesson each day.

Registration for the camp is easily done online. However, not much information was given so I was fumbling around on the first day I was supposed to start lessons.

Take note:
Firstly, head towards the security guard who will put a band around your wrists and mark your attendance. This piece of paper will also inform you who your instructor is.

Secondly,proceed to the skates counter and exchange for the skates! Do not be afraid to choose a size smaller if you think that the skates are even remotely loose. Trust me, I got my usual size and I nearly tripped on the ice because somehow, my feet shrunk when I was skating on the ice.

Thirdly, you have to head over to the ice skating rink near the entrance gate. The instructors will be waiting for you there. Ask! My teacher was Suvian Chua who is a national speed skater. She is very pretty by the way :D

Lastly, follow the instructor's instructions and have a fun time on the ice!!

The link for more details here :

They will give you something like this after the first lesson:

After the second lesson:

After the third lesson:


But I've got to say that being an adult in a mostly kid's class is kind of stressful as they tend to pick the skills up faster. Nevertheless, it was fun and it's a good way to lose weight :)

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