Saturday, April 2, 2016

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Basically, as what the title says, Batman and Superman fought each other. Period.

The movie sucks. They tried to do too many things into the movie plot and it got all confusing for me. I was so bored with the slow pace of the movie that I literally dozed off. An amazing feat as I usually can sit through movies. The 2.5hrs of showtime didn't help either. There is no depth into the movie and they do a touch and go for all the characters. And the Batman isn't the kind of guy that I remembered.

For those who have not watched it, please watch it only if you are are a true DC fan. The characters are slightly off from their usual selves and the plot is too lame for my liking.


The only part is memorable is Superman wearing his boots into the bathtub.

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