Monday, March 28, 2016

Early mornings and batam trip March 2016 - Review of Nongsa Point Marina & Resort

I hate early mornings.

God knows when was the last time I actually woke up and stayed awake till morning before heading straight for work.

It was a fruitful early morning though. I have lots of non-work work to catch up on.

My batam trip left me slightly crippled. My calves are aching and cramping like mad due to the constant basketball-ing. It had been a loooong time since I have done anything like that. But it was fun. I felt like we had turned back time.


We stayed in Nongsa Point Resort in Batam around 1 hr drive from Batam center.
The facilities were a little run-down and breakfast was ewww.. (the only redeeming feature was the live egg station.)
Pool was awesome - no cold water
Karaoke was unavailable at Turi Resort.

Without further ado, I present to you the pictures of Batam Trip! (in random sequences)

Our Batam breakfast in the resort~ Since the 1st day's breakfast turned us off.

This shot was taken in Turi Resort. The hammock can fit the 4 of us! (at maximum load I think)

We went shopping for breakfast~~

Triple date at Nongsa Point~
Imagine that the breakfast tables have to be put out here on our second day due the PH in Singapore and Singaporeans flooded this place by the busload.

Golden Prawn 933 Restaurant~
We felt cheated. The local Indonesian cuisine actually tasted better than the seafood here and they were so much cheaper too! I would only recommend this place for my enemies. 

Turi Beach! We actually tried filming our own DIY MTV here!
I believe I can fly~~
I believe I can touch the sky~~

The waters here are clear~ For some odd reason. 
Good place to chill~

Our accommodation for the 2 nights, where exploding kittens ruled our nights.
It was so addictive and captivating that we couldn't stop till 2-3am in the morning.

The feast that was whipped up by our treasurer cum cook.

This was taken at Golden Prawn Restaurant. Mr. PL looks like he is enjoying the view.

The massage place that we went to recommended by a Carouseller. I shall blog more about it later.
The massage was good! All the muscles knots were taken out. Only thing is that this place is prone to blackouts.

The local delicacy~ Ayam Penyet. I love this shit.

The wonderful pool view from Nongsa Point Resort

If you are into swimming and chilling out, Nongsa Point is good as a budget option. IMO, Turi Resort seems better and their facilities newer. There is a link bridge between Turi and Nongsa Point so staying anywhere is fine. Nongsa Point doesn't have wifi in the villas though so it kinda sucked.

If you are like us who love massages and karaoke-ing and shopping, you are better off in Batam Center. We spent too much time and money travelling to and fro from the resort and it was honestly quite tiring and time consuming.

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