Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mookata craze - Charcoal Thai at Clementi, Mookata @1st floor Golden Mile, Mookalicious at Bukit Timah

I have been busy gaining weight over the past few weekends.

First was to eat Mookata with PL at Charcoal Thai at 321 Clementi. It was our first time for mookata so we didn't know what to expect. We put the pork lard on top and it was a pathetic one piece on hind sight. We were doing it steamboat style without realising it.

All in all, it was the most expensive out of the 3 that I tried and that was inclusive of the 20% that we got even though it was a weekend dinner meal. The cost was around 40 bucks inclusive of a drink. (PL and I shared a thai milk tea)

Will definitely not recommend there.

Last thursday, I tried the mookata at golden mile below the thai supermarket. The meat was very well marinated and the portion was decent. From what I heard, the chili is really awesome but I don't take spicy food. The variety is quite okay. The price came up to around 20 bucks per pax. (with 2 thai milk tea) Not sure of the individual prices as it was not stated on the menu.

Ranks second on my list as it is too far away =P

Saturday, I tried mookata with PL again at mookalicious. He was gracious enough to accompany me to eat it even though he is not a fan of it. And he agreed that it was more satisfying than Charcoal Thai! The portion was much bigger and the pot depth is better. We got the 2 pax portion at $25.90 and it was fairly big for us. The portion given seems slightly bigger than the one at golden mile. However, the soup base is a little too salty or intense for my taste. The thai milk tea there is really awesome as well as the green thai milk tea. Total damage to our wallet is $30.20 inclusive of 2 drinks. The cost of the milk tea has gone up. Before we headed over, I noted that the drink was supposed to be $1.90 but at the actual site, it was stated as $2.20. Also, the drinks will only be available after 8.30pm. There is also buffet style available at $18.90 or $20.90 (depending on the day)

Best place for now since PL and I can reach there within 15 mins! For those without private transport, it is a little inaccessible until the downtown line is up.

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