Monday, August 3, 2015

Saboten @ Somerset 313 and @IMM

I love Saboten! It's one of the recent food that was recommended by my colleagues (yes, I know I'm very outdated) and it's really damn awesome to the extent that I dragged PL to have it together with me for dinner.

There are 2 huge differences between the Somerset 313 outlet and IMM outlet. They are the price factor and availability of refill. IMM's outlet does not offer refill, thus the price is cheaper.

Note: I ate at Somerset 313 on a weekday afternoon (lunch) and weekend dinner for the IMM outlet.

The service for 313 is very good and it was very quiet; really good for catchups as there are not much distractions. They are also very prompt in serving the meals so we did not have to wait long for the food - a plus point when we have to rush back for work after that. I ordered the Katsu curry set. The Katsu was just so freaking awesome. I can taste the tenderness of the meat and the crispiness of the batter with every single bite, and leaves me craving for more. It's a pity that they did not have the option of adding on extra katsu pork but just as well; I was so full that I could barely walk back to office. My colleagues and I also managed to clear off a whole bottle of the sesame dressing - I must say that it was really delicious with the shredded cabbage. The place is a must go if you are a big eater or still undergoing the puberty stage - you get your money worth. We polished off 3 big bowls of cabbage - quite a decent feat in my opinion.

For the IMM outlet, there is no refills available but it is also very satisfying. The  downside about it was that the food took very long to arrive. We enquired with the staff and she told us that it's the norm during weekends at IMM. I can understand why as the food was equally good. Of course, since we are paying lesser, the bowl of cabbage was also significantly smaller and the dressing came in limited quantity. PL and I shared a set as we wanted to try other food in IMM but we are relatively full after that one set of Double cheese Minced meat katsu curry set. The staff there are also equally attentively, if not a bit too zealous about clearing off the dishes.

When looking around, the Ebi Katsu set caught my eye. I'm definitely going back for more!

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