Monday, July 20, 2015

Movie review: Antman

I went into the movie hall expecting nothing. I only knew that it was a Marvel character and PL was gushing all about it.

The movie was quite awesome. Notice the "quite"as I was a little bored in the middle of the movie where it got a little draggy and monotonous.

There are a fair bit of action scenes but not so overwhelming. I think it's a nice touch of comedy and action in it, of course with the usual bit of hollywood romance.

Overall, the effects are quite good. They managed to make a good plot out of it where the good defeats the bad. The comedic moments made the show a joy to watch but watch out for a lot of those references that leave you hanging, especially if you are like me, who is not very into American stuff.

I would recommend it if you are a marvel fan or you have a bit of spare time. It's quite a good stress reliever. ;)

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