Saturday, June 20, 2015

Jurassic World movie review

The first thing I heard before I even saw the movie was that the female lead was in heels for the whole entire movie so I was fixated on her legs. And it's true.

Triple-dated for this movie. I thought that I was going to fall asleep in the movie since I was dead tired on a Friday night, but the movie has enough suspense to keep me going.

The plot was well paced, with a lot of horrifying scenes. I especially loved the scene where Owen said that humans, like dinosaurs, has to eat, hunt and mate.

The boys are also very quick on their feet and thinking. When they managed to escape the dinosaur, they found the old Jurassic park, all with the stuff and cars intact. They managed to restart one of the cars to escape back to the current park, where they were attacked by flying bird-like dinosaurs. Even though the older boy was ogling at other girls and being very distant to his younger brother, the brotherly love they had for each other showed through when they had to work together and kill the dinosaurs.

Of course, there must also be some lame kissing scenes out there.

It's a little gruesome for kids but other than that, I think they will like the actions a lot. It's also a good watch for those who have watched the 1st few films =D

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