Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's day in JB - trip expenses

Had a slight unhappiness due to the untimely clothes washing on Friday but it was all gone after PL brought me to see the crabs at Sheng Shiong. Slept over at his place before we headed out on Valentine's day.

We were supposed to head out at 9.30am but due to me lazing around, we only managed to head out at almost 11am and rejected his mum's request to send her down to Ave 2 (which was just a 5 mins walk away!)

We had a cheap and simple lunch (wanton mee and roasted pork) at the coffeeshop across KSL. It was mediocre at best. I wanted my char kway tiao but the stall wasn't opened. After that, we went to buy our movie tickets (The Kingsman and The Wedding Ringer).The Wedding Ringer was awesomely funny and even though I was watching it for the second time, I didn't feel tired of the movie.

Then it was off to the Dim Sum stall diagonally behind the closed Shell Station at Taman Sri Tebrau where we had 5 types of Dim Sum (average) before watching The Kingsman. MBO screwed up by showing the wrong movie, Jupiter Ascending, and they changed us to another hall after people started to complain. I was expecting them to give us a complimentary ticket each to compensate for the error but I think it is to much to expect from a Malaysian company.

Oh, and I got my new spectacles! They managed to finish the specs work in a day and it was freaking cheap at $135 inclusive of lens. (Half framed specs no less hah)

After the movie, we went for our usual seafood dinner at Taman Sri Tebrau market that was amazing as usual. And bought more CNY goodies.

Then the next movie that we watched was Unbroken. Honestly, it was a bad movie to end off the day because the plot was so gloomy. It reminded me of a cross-over between The life of Pi and war movies with a bit of Olympics involved.

Then it was back to hotel and concuss.

Expenses: (in MYR)
Wanton Mee ; $5
Roasted Pork: $6
Teh Ping: $1.60
Movie tickets: $52
Bubble tea: $5,30
Fried Ice-cream: $3.90
Dim Sum: $15
Teh Ping: $1.90
Specs: $135
Power Plug: $50
Cable: $5
Movie ticket: $24
Kaya Balls: $3.50
CNY goodies: $33
Fuel: $40
Dinner: $63.50
Magnum: $3.90
Himalayas products: $113
Lunch: $86.40
Hotel: $167

Total: $815 (SGD307.55)
Approximately: $154/pax for Valentine's day

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