Thursday, February 19, 2015

Review: The Wedding Ringer

The Wedding Ringer is a romantic comedy where the male lead, Doug, has to find 7 best man for his upcoming wedding within 10 days. He was recommended a Best Man Inc, where they provide specialised service to grooms who need best man and the comedy started from there.

Even though there is a light beat to the movie, it invokes the theme of friendship (or the lack of it). With our busy lifestyle, who can claim to be a friend who is close enough to be your best man or bridesmaid?

Another food for thought is that couples should be able to share their hopes and secrets with each other; not to keep secrets. At the end of the film, the marriage did not take place because the groom found out that he was just a tool, and love was never in the equation.

These themes were wrapped among the hilarious scenes where our two lovely comedians danced together and the whole bunch of them did crazy stuff in order to make up stories for the wedding.

Even if you did not manage to catch the heavier tones in the movie, it is a good comedy to catch and enjoy yourself at the movie. Awesome show ;)

Especially the singing part!

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