Thursday, February 19, 2015

Review: Kingsman: The Secret Service

I had wanted to watch Kingsman: The Secret Service ever since I caught the trailer. The high tech scenes caught my attention even though I am not an action movie person(I hate Jackie Chan's movies) but this movie did not disappoint (maybe except for the ending).

It is captivating because what happened in the movie might just very well happen in real life. The realism is there, when freebies are given to us. Are we supposed to doubt when there are freebies given to us? Will there be any hidden devices that we do not know about in the freebies? Paranoia is at the peak since we have turned anti-Islamic.

I like the parts where Eggsy and the gang are training to become a Kingsman. Very psychological-based. The action scenes were not really emphasized on though, so people who like action shows may not enjoy it as much.

The twist in the movie was quite unexpected and the explanation for it is not enough as usual but it didn't spoil the plot.

I was disappointed with the ending because of its cartoon-ish firework explosions of heads since it was supposed to be a more serious show but I guess it did make it a light comedic ending.

The movie is not too bad and I hope that there will be a sequel where Roxy will be given more emphasis.

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