Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Review: 50 Shades of Grey

I admit it; the movie was a flop. This is despite me begging PL to watch the movie with me months before it came out. I was and still am intrigued by the BDSM portions of the movie. Yes, really.

Quoting PL:" I will recommend it to my enemies." and "I think guys only watch it because their wives or girlfriends drag them to it."

The movie was too mainstream for my taste and the chemistry between the two leads are not there at all. The sex scenes are so fake that I cringed every time they are "having sex". The porn actors and actresses are probably faking much better than the both of them. I now understand why Singapore agrees to have the uncut version; the scenes are too tame. Jaw-droppingly tame. I mean, spanking your partner on the butt is quite usual right? It's hot ;D

As the film rolls, I spotted a lot of flaws in the plot. Why didn't Ana run the hell away from Christian when he showed her the playroom? Who in their correct mind would agree to being bound and spanked or tortured by some stranger that they barely knew?

One thing I noticed is that Christian uses a condom. Good to practise safe sex. LOL.

Honestly speaking, I think Dakota's body is hot; perky butt and small breasts. Other than that, the movie is not really memorable at all. Don't bother watching it if you are just in for the BDSM sex scenes. They make it look so racy in the trailer but in the actual movie, it's just pure shitty.

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