Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015 Visiting

It is the dreaded time of the year again where we have to go around to pay visits to relatives that we do not contact for the rest of the year. I honestly do not know why we bother, except that it is an obligation for both our sides.

So, for reference's sake, we did a Jurong-Bedok-Tradehub21 for the first day of CNY, and Teban Garden-Tanglin Halt (3 families) for the second day.

Those two days were so tiring that I sulked and flared my temper at PL at the end of the day. I hate entertaining people whom I don't even know for long periods of time and during the second day, we only ended the visiting at around 8.30pm even though we started the visits at around 11am.

Note to self and PL: No more of such long visits per day for two days straight.

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