Friday, September 26, 2014

The case of neediness and mis-communication

I have something good to announce. This time round, it seems like we have a good ending and conclusion. It is just weird that the marriage counselling session didn't help but we ended up enlisting the help with one of our friends to resolve the problem.

And....we are not communicating properly.

Eg. I told him that I didn't trust him because of his past actions. And I call and message him, with him thinking that I was calling only to check up on him (but in fact, I called him because I miss him) and he took it the wrong way. Then he got pissed at me since he thought I was checking on him, and it resulted in me being pissed too because I called him because I missed him and he reacted in a negative way, leading me to think that he just doesn't love me anymore..and it goes on.

With that being said, his friend concluded that I am a needy girl, and PL got the wrong impression that I am independent, so he can just leave me alone for long periods of time (which was wrong btw)

Points to take note:

We should be more attentive to each other's needs.
I.e.: He needs to contact me more.
       I need to give him more breathing space, and make sure he gets enough sleep :)

We should be accepting of each other's quirks
I.e: I should be accepting his acts of service instead of turning them down. (Like how he carries the raincoat and jacket for me so that I can wear them if I am cold.)
      He should let me know when he is running late.

We should show our love more.
I.e: Say more mushy stuff and do couple stuff with each other.

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