Sunday, September 14, 2014

Spending a weekend together

After all these quarrels, we managed to spend a peaceful weekend together. Xinyi and Constance actually helped in the conciliation process.

Friday evening was unexpectedly spent with his ex-colleagues at some sumiyaki restaurant at Star Vista, and him staying overnight at my place.

Sat was spent nua-ing around in the house till his CU5 assessment time (and I managed to cook lunch for him :)) The place was at the old Republic Poly site and he brought me around for a viewing of how it looks like when he was studying there. (Frankly, I was a little apprehensive of that place since it was the place where he and his ex spent the most time at together) But as Constance said, I am a glutton for pain as I still want to know about it. Damn curiosity.

After that, we went over to the SAF changi chalet where Boon Hui was celebrating his gf's birthday. The atmosphere was a little awkward as we all have not met for a long time. But oh well...It just makes me more certain that I don't want PL to work at a far away place so that there is a decrease in chance of him having an accident on the road. Scary drivers everywhere.

Sun is kind of interesting. I went to have dinner with my dad while he went for the VM meeting after staying overnight at my place. Then after that, it was refueling at JB and we watched the maze runner and planes 2. Super tiring but satisfying weekend.

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