Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mypaper Love Hunt 2014

Recently PL and I went to take part in this contest called MyPaper Love Hunt 2014 where a treasure hunt awaits us.

I saw this on a newspaper and decided to sign up for fun since it was on a weekend, and we always stay in. And importantly, it was in a mall, which means less sun. The sunny weather has been a bitch recently.

The T-shirt given out is yellow!

They actually gave us a complimentary photo of us, so the day is not wasted.

The game started at 2pm, where there was a mass challenge. We both thought that the stations were a choke point as we had to queue and wait at most of the queues.
And they re-used the previous year's indemnity form!

Since there were only 4 winners, many of the couples dropped out halfway and strolled around since they are sure that they can't get the prizes anyway. We still tried our best though.

The stations were quite easy but the clues were quite hard. Both of us are not shoppers so we ended up searching for Dorothy Perkins for around 15mins before we found it?

This was also the time when I thought that I should improve my temper. Sorry dear, for bearing the brunt of my temper at times.

The goodie bags given out were quite decent but not fantastic, but hey, it's all free!

I might just drag PL along the next time they have it again, only if we are free. LOL. 

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