Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 3 Bangkok Trip - Ayutthaya

Breakfast at 7-1180
Ayuttha historical center100
Mocha and capacunnio frappe120
Scooter rental! (From 1 to 6pm)150
Ayyuttha historial park100
Audio guide100
Train back to bangkok30
Honey dew20
Total for day 31740

Our breakfast at 7-11 was a bit too much. We intended to get some food for his Thai friend too but we ended up stopping somewhere for breakfast.

Us stuck in traffic so they started playing Korea songs~~

Breakfast at one of the stopways.

Beef and fish balls (Courtsey of our Thai hosts for the day)

Finally reached Ayutthaya at around 12.30pm. The sun was super hot so it is best to bring a cap and sunscreen. Our first stop: 

Wat Yai Chai Mongkhol

There were a lot of people as it was a Buddhist Public Holiday when we went on that day. Crazy @@

There was a small working temple where many people were praying

And they literally added the oil as a form of worship and donation

The crumbling steps (if you look carefully, most of the steps have already dented in)

The narrow steps up to the praying area.

For 10 baht, you can buy a small piece of paper gold and stick it to the deity's body.

The awesome view from the top.

For some odd reason, we didn't manage to see the reclining Buddha. I would probably go back to cover rest of the places as we couldn't cover all of them within a day.

Next up was: 

Wat Phanan Choeng

This temple is a fusion of Thai and Chinese beliefs, and you can see a lot of Chinese elements. It's an interesting mix as it is so Chinese-like that I felt like I had stepped back home into a temple.

Legend says that this temple is for a Chinese girl who was waiting for his Thai Prince.

See what I said about the Chinese element. Only difference is that they speak Thai instead of Chinese.
There are also food sold in hampers where you can buy for donations.

A zoom-up shot of the Buddha

Everyone crowded at the entrance until we can't even squeeze in. 

Then, we headed off to a hostel where our hosts dropped us off and we rented a motorbike to continue our journey.

We went to Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre. It was not very value for money IMO as there isn't much to see and some of the exhibitions were out of order. We paid 50 baht each and that is for student price!

Map of Ayutthaya

Wat Sri Sanphet and the remains of the old Royal Palace (Wang Luang)

This was one of the more amazing sites. We got an audioguide and shared between the two of us.

This is a must go site, and if you are there without a tour guide, get the audioguide! If not, you would be walking around and not knowing anything as the descriptions are few and far in between.

Still under restoration. Don't be fooled. Go to the other side and it can still be accessed. This is the Chedi that has the mural paintings inside.

We ended up having a late afternoon snack as we were hungry after all the walking.

The mural painting

The narrow stairs that led to the paintings. It looks damn scary in real life. A torchlight will be good as the there is no lighting inside.

Wat Phra Mahathat

Our last temple for the day - Really regretted not taking the audioguide (The counter was closed when we were there but when we got out, the person was back at the counter again! ><) 

The very famous Buddha in the tree trunk

A Buddha with an intact head (a rare sight!)

Using the umbrella to hide from the sun. I swear it's the kind of sun that will lead to skin cancer.

We climbed up one of those abandoned Chedi and saw this (unsealed). Most of them are sealed though. Super smelly as the birds had seeked refuge and built nests there.

And we ended our adventure in Ayutthaya. Based on July 2014, the last ordinary train from Ayutthaya to Bangkok is at 6.47PM. The train we took was on time and left at 6.47PM sharp. You will have to cross the railway tracks to face the train station when you are boarding. They only open the ticket purchase gate 30-40mins before departure time so you don't have to head to the train station so early to queue for the tickets.

The travelling time from Ayutthaya to Bangkok is around 2.5hrs and costs 15baht each. It's good for budget travel and quite safe too. Many locals are on board when we took it.

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