Monday, June 16, 2014

Review: Vampire Academy

Vampires are all in the trend now. All the YA section are now filled with either vampire/werewolf books. Of course, I am very interested in them too =P

I was quite excited when I heard that this movie was coming out but I only managed to watched it recently. And for a change, I had not read the book yet.

For a film that is based on a book, I think they did it quite well. I managed to get the hang of the different terms that they used, despite being confused for the first 10-15 minutes, and the action scenes were quite good. (And I love it that not everything is action. I hate that a lot, especially if there are plots like those of Jacky Chan's movies)

The love between the two friends is portrayed strongly in the movie, especially at the start when they were revealed to be on the run for two years, with Rose letting Lissa feed on her. The complications only started when they went to Vampire Academy, where the vampires and their guardians are. But life in Vampire Academy and in normal schools sound the same; there are bitches around.

I think this movie mainly targets the fans of the books as well as those teenagers who like vampires in general. Other than that, it is okay to give this a miss.

I felt lucky that I didn't drag PL to watch it with me. He would probably have complained about it.

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