Monday, June 9, 2014

First-time fleaing @Clementi

Once in a while, there will be a flea market at my Blk's void deck.

Yesterday was the first time that I actually participated in one. It was a blind leap of faith as I always thought that there wasn't much sales at a HDB flea. I was wrong. The residents are very price-sensitive and you have to take into consideration of the demographics.

In Clementi, most of the residents are old folks and I was selling kid's apparels, toys and adult apparels.
Of course, these old folks have precious grandsons and granddaughters and they love to buy cheap toys and apparels for them (and I was selling them at 50cents each.) They swiped up lots of toys at one go and some even came back for a second purchase.

Even though the adult clothes that I was selling were preloved and not branded, quite a few purchased them, and I sold them at a flat rate of $1 each, regardless of the condition of the clothing. I managed to clear two containers of clothes by doing so.

All in all, I made around $130 for around 6-7hrs of job with PL's and my dad's help (not forgetting that my mum helped to pack all the things for us)
And one redeeming feature was that PL actually stayed the whole entire day at the flea market with me even though I think he might have preferred to be somewhere else.

Personally, I like fleaing as I love to see the happy looks of customers when they get something that they want at a cheap price. And they are helping me to clear my stuff at the same time ;)

Look at the crazy amount of stuff I had for sale!

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