Monday, June 9, 2014

2nd year anniversary - 6/6/14

I realised that there must be some unhappy stuff happening during our anniversary each year. So far, it has met my expectations every time.

This time last year, you told me that you aren't rich enough to buy me a proposal ring.

This year, you skipped our anniversary dinner to have dinner with your mum and sister.

Sometimes, I really wonder if I am truly in your heart.

I mean, you can apologise all you want but it doesn't erase the facts that these has happened. It's like killing someone and crying at the person's tombstone saying that he's sorry for what he has done.

This is what people called, "blinded in love."

I wonder if we would have continued for so long/got married if we had not gotten the BTO flat. It seemed to be a good idea then, but on hindsight, we should probably have thought longer and harder about it. I was head over heels with the idea of having my own flat with no parents to fuss over what I'm doing to properly analyse the situation. What if I hate the guts of you a few years later? Are we going to divorce and sell the flat away?

The pissed-off me slept and you came over to wake me up. Granted, I was quite happy to see you (seeing that you had been overseas for the past few days) but you seem to think that it is a treat that you were coming over before 10pm on a friday instead of 11+ or midnight to stay over. (Even an idiot knows that you will immediately sleep after coming over at such a timing)

This seems like a badly-constructed dream and one day, I will wake up and realise that whatever that I have dreamt it just a facade of reality.

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