Friday, May 23, 2014


Divorce - People treat it as a dirty word. But is it truly dirty as what everyone thinks it to be?

Today, I saw someone cared about his ex-wife when she was admitted into hospital. Initially I thought that they were at loggerheads with each other after the divorce but it seems like it is not the case. They have two kids by the way.

I am always baffled by how people can still be close friends after they broke up/divorce and I still do not get it now. But with this gesture of concern, I wonder if there are still tender feelings long after the loss of love for the person. I mean, one will definitely remember all the good and bad times when they were still together - the shared connection so as to speak.

People get together because they are in love with each other. People divorce for various reasons.

In Singapore, the usual reasons for divorce are as follows:
  • The defendant committed adultery. This usually requires a report from a private investigator. If you continue to live with your spouse for six months after you discover the adultery you cannot file on grounds of adultery unless it is ongoing.
  • Unacceptable behavior. This can include gambling, physical or verbal abuse, or anything that makes it intolerable for you to remain in the marriage.
  • Separation of three years if both parties agree to the divorce.
  • Separation of four years even if only one party seeks the divorce.
  • Desertion of over two years. You may be able to file for a divorce if your spouse has left the country and you cannot locate them.
If the reason does not fulfill any of the above, one has to file for separation (for three years if both parties agree) before divorce is allowed.

Looking at the reasons, one-night stands are not considered as committing adultery. How are you supposed to get evidence if he only engages in one-night stands?

Also, the Singapore government is not exactly very friendly to divorcees. >.< You can't exactly buy a flat alone unless you bunk in with your parents or something.

I wonder..what exactly are the reasons for people to divorce besides the usual adultery and DV?

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