Thursday, May 29, 2014

A week of sore throat and god-knows-what-sickness

I was down with a fever (very rare for me) and my throat hurts like mad. It's still hurting like mad now and the medicine is not working at all.

Tuesday was the only day in the week where I managed to see PL at all according to our initial schedule because we were just too damn packed with activities. But he came only to see me sick and down with a fever (and probably me shifting around in bed so very often). He was super nice though - like how all husbands should be - (patting me to sleep but ahh.. minus away the going back home part)

So on Wednesday when I felt a teeny weeny bit better, I popped by his house for a surprise visit. We didn't do much since he has to (yes!) wash clothes again, so I just stuck around surfing his computer (without internet) and mugging a bit of Japanese.

This sick feeling is so damn irritating that I feel like replacing my throat.

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