Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hot Flow Yoga at Fitness First Market Place by Christine

This is my first time doing hot flow yoga!

In a heated room, we were supposed to do all the usual yoga poses. I had only attended a few yoga classes before this, and I felt that it was tough =(

The heat has nothing to do with it. I think some days, Singapore feels hotter than the temperature in the room. haha.

I think most of the people in the class are very pro (as in super flexible). I wanted to die liao when she started on the more difficult moves, and I couldn't even hold some of the poses at all.
(And there I was thinking that I am actually quite fit.)

Christine is quite a good teacher, and her instruction is very clear even to a noob like me.
She saw that there were a few new people in the class and did something simple today, which is super heng for me. If not, I might just collapse on the floor.

It's more suited for intermediate to advanced people I feel :)

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