Monday, March 17, 2014

2 weeks into marriage life

I love how he would hold my hand till I fall asleep before he goes home from my house.

Yesterday was a test. I was pretty pissed off by the long time that I had to wait for him. At first, we agreed to meet at JE at 12pm for lunch. Since it was raining heavily, I called him to check if he wants me to go back to Clementi first. He said he would come JE to fetch me for lunch instead. So, I waited till 12.35pm until he gave me a call again to tell me to go back to Clementi.
Can you freaking imagine how pissed I was?

But I ended up still forgiving him. What to do?

It also made me realised how much tantrum I had thrown towards him. >.<
I am almost always the one being angry and him the one who has to end up apologising no matter he was wrong anot. And he does get on my nerves quite often.

Staying apart when you are just married with parents' watchful eyes isn't the best way to start our lives together.

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